Macallan 18 Year

The Macallan Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 18 Year Old
43% ABV/86 Proof

What the Distillery Say:
The Macallan Sherry Oak is exclusively matured for a minimum of 18 years in Spanish oak casks, handcrafted and sherry seasoned in Jerez, Spain. This delivers a classic Macallan style, wonderfully rich in colour with dried fruits, spice and chocolate orange.

Colour: Light Mahogany
Nose: Dried fruits and ginger, with a hint of citrus, vanilla and cinnamon
Palate: Rich dried fruits, with spice, clove, orange and wood smoke
Finish: Full and lingering, with dried fruits and sweet toffee, ginger and a hint of wood smoke

What Richard Says:
Nose: A big whopping sherry smack in the face. Very rich. Gingersnap cookies, vanilla, and orange zest.
Palate: Raisins, sherry, Fig Newtons, and little bits of wood and smoke play behind the scenes.
Finish: Meaty and chewy with sweet woody notes.
Comments: Is there a more universally praised dram of scotch? Macallan 18 is no secret. Ask anyone with even a passing interest in scotch to name a “great” scotch and more often than not this will come up. Despite how pissed I continually am as the price of this keeps going up I always have a bottle at home. I remember less than 10 years ago you could buy a bottle for almost half of what it costs now. I don’t think it’s any solace but I will say that I don’t believe you get much incremental return for moving up the range of Macallan beyond this dram. The 25 and 30 year olds are nice but to me this is the quintessential Macallan. What else can I say about Macallan 18 that hasn’t been said by everyone and there brother? Not much. It’s a great dram and a benchmark of sherry oak single malt scotch.
Rating: Must Buy

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