Weller 12 Year

W.L. Weller Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged 12 Years
45% ABV/90 Proof
$23 to $25

What the Distillery Says:
[Quoted from Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal on their website]
The deep bronze color beautifully reflects the light — perfect purity; the initial nosing pass finds fully nature aromas of lanolin, almond oil, and creamed corn — in the middle stage sniffings, following several minutes of air contact, a toasty oaky/vanilla perfume takes the aromatic helm — the fourth and last whiff highlights the oily grainy quality that’s firm and pungent — a high-spirited, lusciously toasty, and animated bouquet that has top-notch Bourbon written all over it; the dry, complex, and toasty palate entry is reminiscent of the Centennial 10 Year Old’s grand entry — the mid-palate flavor profile is heavily wheated (like Wheat Thins crackers), oily, layer, moderately sweet, and sap-like; the finish is long, sweet, oaky, and intensely grainy; follows in the footprints of the legendary Centennial and delivers the goods, all for an unbelievable price.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Spiced apples, caramel, buttery vanilla, and oak. Behind all that are slight floral notes of lavender and rose.
Palate: A light sweetness that turns tart, dry, and woody then something that reminds me of canned cherry pie filling.
Finish: Hot with black peppercorns, polished oak, and barrel char.
Comments: Being of the same stock as Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old and Van Winkle Lot B it surprises me how different they are. Barrel selection really is something. Still, this is one of the last great value age statement bourbons in what seems to be a growing population of no age statement converts.
Rating: Stands Out, Great Value

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