Jameson Signature Reserve

Jameson Signature Reserve Irish Whiskey
40% ABV/80 Proof

What the Distillery Says:
What’s in a Signature? Well, over the centuries the Jameson signature has been recognised as a stamp of authenticity and assured quality, and has played its part in building Jameson’s worldwide reputation. Long before distilleries began bottling their own whiskey, Jameson insisted that their own labels, each bearing the John Jameson & Son signature, accompany every delivery of casks to the whiskey bonders. And so it was that the Jameson signature became synonymous with the characteristic taste and superb quality of Jameson.

Jameson Signature Reserve celebrates this fine tradition, with its high pot still content and a significant taste contribution from oloroso sherry casks. Aged in the best quality American bourbon barrels and Spanish oloroso sherry casks, this is a whiskey as sophisticated as it is well-balanced.

Available when you are on your travels in airport shopping outlets only, this Jameson family member is sure to become a favorite for people on the move.
Tasting characteristics

NOSE – Sweet, floral, light perfume notes are followed by underlying spice. Some nuttiness, apples and dried fruits.
TASTE – Initial impression is a mouth coating of heather honey sweetness. This is closely followed by the some smooth spicy notes. Additional complexity is added with cedar wood and vanilla notes from the American Oak. There is a touch of citrus and rich dried fruits.
FINISH – A long, warm, sweet finish.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Apples, pears, southern ambrosia lay the groundwork then are followed by a light sherry character.
Palate: Sweetness reminiscent of orange blossom honey flowing into classic Jameson with a little extra sherry kick.
Finish: There is more oak than usual for Jameson. It mellows into fresh straw and apple extract.
Comments: I would not consider this a “better” Jameson. Rather, it’s like a riff on the Jameson foundation. The Jameson songbook played in a different key. I picked up three new Jamesons on my travels to Ireland and this is my least favorite of the three. Their website still says this is travel retail only but you can also get it at The Whisky Exchange and The Celtic Whiskey Shop.
Rating: Average

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