Midleton Very Rare

Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey
Bottle No. 013881, Bottled in 2009
40% ABV/80 Proof
$125 to $140
No current website

What the Distillery Says:
Nothing really. For a brand that’s been around for 25+ years you’d think they would have a web presence or include a little promotional information in their packaging. From the best of my recollection they only release about 50 cask of this special blend each year. It’s a mixture of Bourbon and Sherry casks in the range of 12 to 25 years old. Master Distiller Barry Crockett strives for consistency but there may be some variance year to year.

What Richard Says:

Nose: Major floral notes, honey and canned pears.
Palate: Easily one of the smoothest things I’ve ever drank. Fresh cream, buttery toffee, and amaretto.
Finish: Light, creamy, and moderately long.
Comments: I first heard about Midleton’s long before I was a drinker of Irish whiskey. It came on my radar as the bottle of whiskey Bono brought Frank Sinatra back in 1993 while recording Duets. I thought it was cool at the time but it didn’t really register. Fast forward 10 years and I got my first sip at The Vortex in Atlanta. I was hooked from then on. This is a great Irish blend that is sinfully drinkable. I’d put it in my stable with Macallan 18 Year Old as something I try to always have. It ain’t cheap but it’s mighty tasty.
Rating: Must Try

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