Parker’s Heritage Collection Fourth Edition

Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheated Mashbill Aged 10 Years
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

63.9% ABV/127.8 Proof
$75 to $80

What the Distillery Says:
Parker’s Heritage Collection is a series of rare, limited-edition American Whiskeys, a tribute to sixth-generation Master Distiller Parker Beam. Parker has been practicing his family’s craft of distilling, aging and selecting some of the world’s most criticall-acclaimed Bourbons and American Whiskeys since joining Heaven Hill Distilleries in 1960. Park Beam, his grandfather and namesake, was the brother of James Beauregard Beam, better known as “Jim” Beam. Parker’s father Earl was the first to ply his trade at Heaven Hill. From him, Parker learned how to make great American whiskey. Earl turned the daily operations over to Parker in 1975 making him the sixth-generation Beam to earn the title of Master Distiller.

Says Parker, “My role is to guide a carefully-refined process that Heaven Hill has used for generation – everything from how the stills are used to relying on our own strain of natural yeast. Knowing which ‘honey’ barrels to select and when the whiskey has matured to our standards ensures one-of-a-kind taste and quality.”

What Richard Says:
Nose: You’ll need to tame this 127 proof monster with some water to get at the nose. When you do you’re rewarded with a nose of chocolate, cinnamon, rum, and vanilla latte.
Palate: Again you’ll want to hit this dram with some water. It’s sweet and smooth in the mouth with lots of vanilla, cocoa, and breakfast syrups (think IHOP).
Finish: The finish is clean, smooth, and leaves traces of cocoa powder, oak, and nuts.
Comments: There is so much more to wheated bourbon than Maker’s Mark. This gem from Heaven Hill is the 2010 (4th) release in the Parker’s Heritage Collection. This gives us a peek into what may be to come for the Old Fitzgerald line now that Parker Beam is giving it a go. Heaven Hill fans, Pappy Van Winkle fans, wheated bourbon fans, and anyone else who just like good bourbon should actively seek this out before it’s all gone.
Rating: Must Try

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