Parker’s Heritage Collection Fifth Edition

Parker’s Heritage Collection 10 Year Old Barrel Finished
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

50% ABV/100 Proof
$75 to $80

What the Distillery Says:
Two great distillers have collaborated to create an extraordinary taste profile for the fifth offering in Parker’s Heritage Collection – Parker Beam, Heaven Hill Distilleries’ 6th generation Master Distiller & Alain Royer, innovative French Cognac blender. Their product: Cognac Finished Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Royer’s long family history and expertise in the French Cognac industry aided in the selection of two-to-three-year-old Limousin oak casks from the House of Frapin. The Grande Champagne Cognac, which had aged in those casks, permeated the wood with it’s very light, floral and evanescent bouquet. Meanwhile, Parker Beam carefully hand selected a very limited number of the finest, super-premium barrels of 10-year-old Bourbon. The Bourbon was then finished for six months in Limousin oak casks to take on some of the Cognac’s characteristics. Bottled without chill filtering to preserve the unique taste and aroma, this Cognac finished Bourbon is a rare treat for every Bourbon collector.

This series of limited edition American straight whiskeys is a tribute to innovative and honored 6th generation Master Distiller Parker Beam who has been distilling, aging, and selecting critically acclaimed American whiskeys since joining Heaven Hill in 1960.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Toffee and oatmeal come to mind. There is also base hint of succulent roasted meats that surprisingly is not off-putting. With a little water it opens up to a muscadine jelly note that reminds me of my grandmother’s preserves.
Palate: The palate is rich and creamy. The base flavors of light sweetness, mellow oak, and vanilla I find in Evan Williams show through but in a more refined way. It’s like Evan put his tuxedo on for the evening.
Finish: Oak, leather, and a hint of smokiness. I immediately think of enjoying this with a fine cigar in an old leather chair in men’s club.
Comments: The base whiskey Parker and company used for this year’s edition is a 10 year old from the Evan Williams recipe. It was a great choice. I find that recipe tends to be on the mellow side and doesn’t always make itself known. That same character makes it very receptive to the cognac influence. I also want to make a note on the use of water. I never add any to any Evan Williams bottling I’ve had. It’s much too subdued of a bourbon to take water in my opinion. This release is no different. While water opens up the nose a little to some of the fruitier components it wrecks havoc on the palate and finish. At bottle strength it’s very drinkable and that’s how I would recommend it.
Rating: Must Try

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