Old Grand Dad 114

Old Grand-Dad 114 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
57% ABV/114 Proof
Widely Available

What the Distillery Says:
Old Grand-Dad was a distiller named Basil Hayden who made his name by distilling a bourbon whiskey made with a higher percentage of rye. Basil Hayden passed along the art of distilling to his son and then, in turn, to his grandson. It was the third generation distiller, Colonel R.B. Hayden, who honored his grandfather by naming his justly famed
whiskey “Old Grand-Dad.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Alcohol with a hint of wood. Water opens up the nose to black tea notes and reminds me of my grandmother’s sweet tea right before the sugar goes in.
Palate: More viscous than other OGD versions and it comes through all rye heat. Water opens up more corn notes and a little sweetness.
Finish: Surprisingly smooth on the finish even at bottle strength. Rye and oak dominate. The finish on this one doesn’t hold up very well to water. It just disintegrates.
Comments: You pay more for the 114 and you get more alcohol for your money. Beyond that I don’t find much in OGD 114 to make me want to pick it over the Bottled In Bond version.
Rating: Average

What Matt Says:
Matt has not had a chance to review this whiskey yet.