Knappogue Castle 14 Year

Knappogue Castle Twin Wood Single Malt Irish Whiskey Aged 14 Years
46% ABV
What the Bottler Says:
Distillation & Selection Process:
The malted barley is dried in ovens without the use of peat, allowing the crisp, clean flavor of malted barley to come through without smoky overtones. The dried malt is then ground and mixed with pure Irish spring water to extract the sugars. Single malt whiskies of Knappogue Castle are distilled three times in traditional onion shaped copper pot stills. The spirit is then placed in oak casks, formerly used for bourbon, stored at a relatively consistent temperature, and aged.

After 14+ years in bourbon casks, the whiskey for 14 Year Old Twin Wood was selected by the Master Distiller to be married with more Irish single malt – this time aged in casks specially infused for Knappogue Castle with Oloroso Sherry.

The delicate distillation process, along with the moist and temperate Irish climate, and the special aging in bourbon and sherry casks, has yielded the distinctive flavor of the Knappogue Castle 14 Year Old Twin Wood. The use of two kinds of wood casks in Twin Wood has produced a whiskey which has a deep, complex, and very smooth taste.

Knappogue Castle 14 Year Old Twin Wood is not chill filtered and, unlike many whiskeys, no coloring is added.

Tasting Notes:
The color is a light, reddish gold. The nose shows the orchard fruits typical of Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey, but is given depth by the Oloroso Sherry cask-aged whiskey. This results in hints of fleshy fruits – like plum and apricot. The taste is rich and fruity with hints of green apple and the zest of grapefruit. The malt helps to bring out the quality of the wood – sweet vanilla with light tannins from the charred oak. The finish is lengthy, with full fruity notes transitioning to a dry, pleasant barley conclusion.

Distillation Date: November 1998
Bottling Date: October 2012
Age: 14 years in two types of wood: bourbon & sherry casks
Number of Bottles: Only 2,000 bottles produced. Each is numbered and signed.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Light and fruity. Crisp apple, peaches, and tangerine fruit salad.
Palate: Rich and creamy like poached stone fruits with a sherry reduction sharing the plate with a bit of apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream.
Finish: The finish is a little prolonged with a bit of peppery and tannic bite.
Comments: This is a delicious step up from the standard 12 year old. The wood mixture and especially the extra proof really kick this expression up. I’ve not been the biggest fan of Knappogue over the years but this one really stands out to me. If it wasn’t a limited one off then I would surely pick up another.
Rating: Stands Out

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