Jim Beam Signature Finished with Rare Spanish Brandy

Jim Beam Signature Craft Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Rare Spanish Brandy
43% ABV
What the Distillery Says:
A rich bourbon that is carefully aged, then finished with a touch of Rare Brandy to bring you lush, slightly sweet notes and hints of fruit.

What Gary Says:
Nose: Brandy is prominent, although you wouldn’t mistake it from bourbon for brandy; oak and cinnamon well represented, with some fruity undercurrents.
Palate: Dried apricots steeped in brandy, with vanilla and ginger. Soft and creamy mouthfeel at first. More wood than typical Jim Beam, but not loads of it. Fairly well balanced, although subtle all around
Finish: Medium to short, with just a bit of spice; slightly dry.
Comments: Important to note that this isn’t finished in a cask which held Spanish Brandy; this is finished WITH Spanish Brandy directly. Why is that important? Ok – I don’t really know, as I don’t have a bourbon finished in a Spanish Brandy cask to compare. The brandy presence is more than subtle, but it also isn’t over-done for me. The combination I find to be balanced nicely. My guess is that the bourbon was more than 4 yrs old, as I get more wood than I do in Jim Beam white label – but not a ton of wood. I would prefer to have tried this at a higher proof, as 86 proof Jim Beam just isn’t right in my wheelhouse, but for fans of Jim Beam who are looking to expand their horizons – this is a nice little jaunt, and is priced appropriately for something unique.
Rating: Stands Out

What Richard Says:
Nose: Beam cream? It’s got all the DNA of Jim Beam but there is a depth of creaminess to it that stands out. I’m curious about the type of fruit used in the brandy. It doesn’t give off the typical notes of grape brandy (cognac, etc.).
Palate: Now I’m getting the brandy. Much more sweet and fruity (dried pineapple pieces) in the mouth. Cinnamon, vanilla, and candied ginger.
Finish: Dry but not too woody with a little pepper on the back end.
Comments: This isn’t half bad. It’s probably my favorite of the first three Signature Craft U.S. releases. It drinks better than standard Beam and the brandy adds interesting complimentary pieces to the puzzle. I probably won’t buy a second bottle but I will enjoy the one I have.
Rating: Stands Out

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