George Dickel Barrel Select

George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Select
43% ABV
$35 to $45
What the Distillery Says:
At George Dickel Whisky, we’ve always been true to our name. The same can be said of our newest whisky, George Dickel Barrel Select. Each year, at peak periods of maturation, Master Distiller John Lunn selects approximately 10 barrels of his best, most mellow whisky to produce an exceptionally fine small-batch Tennessee whisky.

Aged between 10–12 years, this 86-proof gem provides a consistently smooth taste, perfect balance, rich amber color and a hint of vanilla. Aided by charcoal mellowing and the slow aging process, these distinct characteristics create a super-premium whisky in a class of its own.

Designed to commemorate the re-opening of the distillery in September 2003, this handcrafted bottle reflects beautiful craftsmanship, from its elegant shape and cork to the unique label design. It’s outstanding quality has been honored five times since 2006 by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, including one Bronze Medal, One Silver Medal and two Gold Medals for Tennessee Whisky.
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What Richard Says:
Nose: Corn and vanilla syrup.
Palate: Candy corns, heavy vanilla extract, mellow oak, and citrus.
Finish: More aggressive on the finish than anywhere else. Heavy on the oak with mint riding out the back of the finish. The age of this shows in the wood influence.
Comments: Tired of Jack Daniels? Do you want to see what else is coming out of Tennessee? Give George Dickel a try. The brand in general makes nice whiskey. The Barrel Select is easily the best of bunch.
Rating: Stands Out

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