SMWSA Cask 53.157

SMWSA Cask No. 53.157
Islay, North Shore
58.0% ABV
Distilled December 2000
US Allocation: 120 Bottles
Late August 2012 Outturn Release

What the SMWSA Says:
Peat smoke drifts from a nearby island across calm waters – the sun is going down after a hot day on the beach – a driftwood fire is now lit on shingle between rock-pools – barbecued pork ribs, langoustines, lobster, then lemon meringue pie for dessert – nose the dram – ginger, Germolene, tobacco, boxing gloves – paint your own picture – Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction? – taste it now – root beer, ice-cream, bananas, Old Holborn tobacco, liquorice cigarette papers, burnt heather, barley sugars rolled in ash – this whisky evoked all of these for us – now test your own imagination – it’s from the Sound of Islay.

Drinking tip: Sunset beach dram.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Briney sherry sweet with notes of fresh pine straw. Water tames the brine and brings out more sherry and freshly split wood.
Palate: Juicy ripe red fruit and very hot with doses of brown sugar. Water tames it down to a light sweetness with peaty floral notes.
Finish: Brine and black peppercorns that fades to dry oak before clearing. The finish takes the water and keeps on rolling. It’s less dry (ironically) but still hot and woody.
Comments: This one can be a bit of a rough youngster. I’m think at 15 it would be smashing. An interesting Caol Ila none the less.
Rating: Stands Out

Review sample provided courtesy of the SMWSA and is available to society members through their website or 800.990.1991.

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