The Buffalo Has Landed!

For all you rabid Atlanta Buffalo Trace fans out there, I have visible confirmation that we now have Buffalo Trace Bourbon in Atlanta! Matt and I cornered the BT representative at WhiskyFest NYC 2009 demanding to know when we’d be seeing Buffalo Trace in Atlanta. At the time he said that they were just moving into Chattanooga before year-end and he anticipated getting it to Atlanta by the end of 2010.

Well, it’s here and it’s early. I’ve only seen it at the Tower Package Store on Piedmont but I’ve seen it. I went in looking to pick up a bottle of Yamazaki 18 and I decided to look around a little. I don’t get to Tower very much anymore since I moved to the ‘burbs. As I was checking out the tasty array of bourbons I noticed a familiar bottle three shelves down. 1 liter bottle of BT for around $30! Woohoo! I’m sure you know what I had to do. If you’re also having a hard time finding Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel (I know I have) they also have that in 750ml bottles for around $30.

If anyone else sees Buffalo popping up around town please let us know in the comment section of this post.

Drink wisely my friends,


5 thoughts on “The Buffalo Has Landed!”

  1. I went into Tower today with nothing specific in mind and saw the Buffalo Trace. As much as I wanted to try a bottle I decided that the Elmer T. Lee was a much better deal between the two. Also, I’m still having trouble finding any of the Van Winkle products in Atlanta (other than the odd bottle of 23yr behind locked glass).

    FYI…they’ll have the Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon in stock within the next week or so.

  2. Van Winkle continues to be mostly on allocation from Sazerac. It’s kind of hit or miss around Atlanta. I grabbed a bottle of the 12 Year Old Lot B at Sherlock’s in Cobb County a couple of months ago and last time I was in a couple of weeks ago they still had some. That’s all I’ve seen recently. It continues to be a little frustrating tracking it down.

  3. Buffalo Trace has now been Officially launched it Atlanta this week.
    Pappy and other Bourbons that are highly allocated begin arriving for us around Thanksgiving through Christmas. Not much is available to store and it moves swiftly upon arrival.

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