Review Guide

Our format is pretty easy to follow, but may be different from what you are accustomed.

Whisk(e)y Name
Info (ABV/Price/Availability)
What the distillery says (tasting notes)
What Richard says (tasting notes/rating)
What Others says (tasting notes/rating)
Overall Rating

Whiskeys will receive a rating of ‘Must Buy’ (highest rating), ‘Must Try’ (high rating but may be rare or expensive), ‘Stands Out’ (above average), ‘Average’, ‘Probably Pass’.  If something is a particular bargain (a great Scotch/Irish for under $50 or a great bourbon for under $25), it will also receive a ‘Great Value’ rating.

As much as possible, we will both review each whiskey and attempt to sample in similar circumstances.  We pay for our samples 99% of the time.  You may be wondering “Do we accept review samples?” Any samples we receive from distilleries or distributors will be clearly noted.

Our reviews will appear periodically in our blog.  To access all of our reviews, click the ‘Reviews’ link at the top of the page.  We hope to post reviews weekly and, as we gather more reviews, you will be able to view by distillery.  Additionally, we will occasionally review non-whiskey spirits and beer.  We hope you enjoy our reviews.  Let us know if they are helpful.