Pierre Ferrand Ambre

Pierre Ferrand Ambre Grande Champagne Cognac
40% ABV/80 Proof

What the Distillery Says:
The Ambre is pure warm comfort. Mellow, rounded, richly aromatic, redolent of prunes and apricots and peaches, it had surprisingly little wood evident. Instead there was light spicy cinnamon and a whisper of vanilla. There’s a distinct floral note of roses as well, and a wonderful whiff of fresh fruit pastries baking in the oven, with a wisp of almond past or marzipan. All Ferrand cognacs are derived from vineyards in the heart of the chalk-rich and mineral-laden soils of the Grand Champagne region.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Almond cookies, roses, and fruit blossoms. It’s like being in a orchard during the first spring blooms.
Palate: The palate is a little more muted than I expected. It’s very mellow with cinnamon and stone fruits.
Finish: The finish is not my favorite. It’s a little tart and acidic. However, a good cigar mellows the finish out nicely.
Comments: I don’t know about all the “wisps” and “whispers” the maker touts but this a very enjoyable brandy. Pierre Ferrand was my first foray into Grande Champagne cognacs and I still keep it close at hand in some form or another. Pierre Ferrand as a range and the Ambre itself stand out among cognacs. If you are a regular brandy drinker I recommend giving it a try. If you’re a hard core whiskey drinker who has never indulged in cognac or brandy I think it might be time to be a little adventurous.
Rating: Stands Out

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