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New U.S. Releases – March ‘10

Wow…here we are almost half way through April and I haven’t posted the March new release roundup. Many apologies for this oversight. I’m a new dad which is a constant source of distraction and on top of that there was a death in my family last week. Regardless, there were a number of intriguing March announcements in the whiskey world. Here’s what we heard about.

Amrut Indian Whisky
Timeframe: April 2010
There are a host of Amurt whiskies coming stateside in April. They should be in New York and New Jersey first and then trickle into Chicago, Kentucky, and Massachusetts by mid-April. Of all the ones we tried at WFNYC 2009 the Fusion was our favorite.

Amrut Single Malt Whisky
Amrut Peated Single Malt Whisky
Amrut Single Malt Cask Strength Whisky
Amrut Peated Single Malt Cask Strength Whisky
Amrut Fusion Whisky

Crown Royal Black
Timeframe: April
ABV: 45%
Price: $30
This is supposed to be a higher proof and more robust Crown with deeper bourbon notes. I’m not a huge CR fan but they’ve peaked my interest. I guess I’m going to have to start buying Canadian too.

Four Roses 100th Anniversary 17 Year Old
Timeframe: TBD
ABV: 55%
Price: $75
My growing adoration for Four Roses is nearing Buffalo Trace level fervor. Mr. Rutledge is making great Kentucky bourbon with Japanese ingenuity. This is on my short list.

Glen Garioch
Timeframe: Spring 2010
Glen Garioch had revamped their range and a new Founder’s Reserve and 12 Year Old should be coming soon to a market near you. I tried them both at the SMSW Extravaganza last month and was pleased with what I tasted.

The Dalmore Mackenze
Timeframe: TBD
ABV: 46%
Price: TBD
This was launched on March 17th and we posted Dalmore’s release at the time but I’m still waiting on U.S. information on distribution and pricing. There are only 3,000 bottles worldwide so it will be limited.

Seagram’s Dark Honey
Timeframe: Now
ABV: 35.5%
Price: $16.99
Seagram’s is throwing their hat into the continuing flood of new whiskey-type releases following Wilde Turkey American Honey and Jim Beam Red Stagg.

That’s what I heard about last month. If you heard anything that I missed then please shoot me an email. On a positive note, the Apostles will be together in Atlanta this weekend. We might even get some site-related work done between drams. Stay tuned for new reviews!

Drink wisely my friends,


Glen Garioch 15 Year

43% ABV/86 Proof
Available in the United States and Europe – $45 to $55

What the distillery says:

Honey in color. Medium-bodied with hints of lavender and oak with a syrup sweetness. Long, mellow and very sumptuous finish.

What Matt says:

Nose: Heather, dulce de leche, trace hints of smoke
Palate: Clean palate with honey, vanilla, peat, cardamom, and what I could only assume is sherry.
Finish: Medium-long finish. The peat asserts itself here with a little alcohol and vanilla.
Comments: A very respectable Highland Malt. Fairly typical, which is to say good. Richard sent me this, so I don’t know much about it. I’m assuming that it spent some time in a sherry cask based on the flavor and color. Among the broad spectrum of all whiskies, I would say this is slightly above average, but does not quite stand out.
Rating: Average

What Richard says:

Nose: Tobacco, cedar, orange blossoms and a slight hint of vanilla.
Palate: Spicy and smoky but with a light bit of sweetness.  All of this is layed on a foundation or earthiness.
Finish: The finish gives me a bit of briney peat and alcohol burn.
Comments: I really find this dram uninspiring.  It was the last “blind buy” that I made, meaning bought without tasting or hearing anything about it.  It’s not particulary bad.  It just doesn’t make me want a 2nd dram.
Rating: Average

Overall Rating: Average

UPDATE 1/26/10: As this is now a discontinued version of Glen Garioch replaced with a 12 Year Old we’ve moved this to The Collector’s Cabinet