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Crown Royal Maple

Crown Royal Maple Flavored Whisky
40% ABV

What the Distiller Says
Crown Royal Maple Finished Whisky is an exceptional blend that combines maple flavor with the distinctive smoothness and character of Crown Royal blended whiskies. The blend is then finished in maple-toasted oak to deliver a uniquely smooth experience.


NOSE Light, fresh maple combined with the signature caramel and vanilla nose of Crown Royal.
PALATE An exceptionally smooth blend with an authentic light maple taste.
FINISH Warm, woody caramelized note.

What Richard Says
Nose: Immediately as soon as the liquid is poured into the glass heavy notes of real maple syrup come wafting out. When nose reaches glass the maple smooths out a bit making room for caramel cake drizzled with vanilla cream.
Palate: Very maple forward with again, a caramel backing.
Finish: The finish isn’t anything exceptional. It is simply lingering notes of the taste.
Comments: This is not bad at all. It’s like a whiskey spiked bottle of maple syrup. It’s more for bar shots and creative cocktails rather than a sipping whiskey.
Rating: Stands Out

Event Notice: Crown Royal Tasting @ Mac McGee

Crown Royal Tasting with Kevin Mulcahy
Tuesday April 22nd @ 7.30 p.m.

On Tuesday April 22nd at 7.30 p.m. MacMcGees in Decatur will conduct a tasting from the Crown Royal selection of whiskeys with Master of Whiskey, Kevin Mulcahy

We will sample Crown Royal Deluxe, Crown Royal Black, Crown Royal Reserve and Crown Royal XO. The cost for the tasting will be $25. If interested, please reply to this email or give us call at the pub 404 377 8055. Cheers!

RSVP macmcgees@gmail.com

Event Notice: Crown Royal Tasting at Churchill’s

Churchills of Buckhead is hosting a Crown Royal tasting with Diageo’s Kevin Mulcahy. Here are the details:

Event: Crown Royal Tasting
Location: Churchill’s of Buckhead
Address: 3223 Cains Hill Place NW, Atlanta, GA 30305
When: Friday, January 31st at 8PM
Price: $20
Pours: Crown Royal Original, Crown Maple, Crown Black, Crown Reserve, Crown XR, The New Crown XO
RSVP: churchillsofbuckhead@gmail.com or 404-233-5633

Event Notice: Introduction to Whiskey at Mac McGee Irish Pub

The Atlanta whiskey scene has been heating up a little lately. I’ve got another event notice for you. This one is for an introduction to whiskey at the Mac McGee Irish Pub in Decatur. They are a great new place that just opened in January of this year. This is the first of a series of tastings they are planning to do the third Tuesday of each month. Here are the details:

Where: Mac McGee Irish Pub, 111 Sycamore Street on Decatur Square, Decatur GA 30030
When: Tuesday, June 20th at 8 PM
Cost: $25
Pour: Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Bulliet Bourbon, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, The Singleton 12 Year Old, Talisker 10 Year Old.
Contact: 404-377-8050

Check it out if you get the chance, and kudos to Mac McGee for helping to proselytize the way of the malt!

Drink wisely my friends,


Crown Royal Reserve

As Matt mentioned earlier, he’s taking a few weeks off to move and likely set up his lavish whiskey den. That means that you poor souls are stuck with just me for a while. I’ll be doing solo reviews (which Matt will pile onto when he get’s the chance) and posting my various whiskey related ramblings. First up on my solo sojourn is a review of Crown’s next tier of whisky (which I didn’t hate).

Crown Royal Reserve Blended Canadian Whisky
40% ABV/80 Proof
$40 – $45
Widely Available

What the Distillery Says:
This special gift from our Master Blender is flush with sharp, nutty top-notes of rye and is anchored in the cornerstone of all Crown Royal blends, which have a rich, smooth batch base. Andrew MacKay personally selects each whisky in the blend to create this masterpiece.
Color: Rich, golden amber
Nose: Rich and complex, with a slight apple flavor and floral tones
Body: Full and perfectly balance
Palate: Velvety smooth and mellow, with defined oak tones and rich, spicy flavors of cinnamon and vanilla

What Richard Says:
Nose: The nose is very similar to the standard expression of Crown Royal but with more fruit and less nuttiness. This is more brandied and caramelized than the typical fruit found on the nose of whiskeys.
Palate: This is a much more mellow palate than standard Crown Royal. It’s like Crown’s answer to Gentleman Jack. The palate has less flavor than the entry expression but that’s actually a good thing. It definitely smoothes out the rough edges.
Finish: Again much more mellow. The flavors all quickly fade to oak. It’s a very heavy oak. It’s kind of like licking cords of wood.
Comments: This kind of restored some of my faith in Crown Royal. I’m still probably not going to keep a bottle of this at home but I wouldn’t avoid it either. If you’re a fan of Canadian whisky then definitely give it a try.
Rating: Average

What Matt Says:
Matt has not had a chance to review this whisky.