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  1. Wonder if anyone there has an opinion on a newish bourbon: Berkshire Bourbon, made by Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Sheffield, Ma? Our favorite liquor store has just told me this is as good as, if not better than, Woodford Reserve, which I always thought was the best in the country. Since I’m giving some fine Bourbon to a friend, I want to get something terrific. Please advise. Sincerely yours, Lori Jahn

  2. Lori,

    I personally haven’t tried it yet. I heard good things about it from folks who’s opinion I trust but nothing along the lines of it being better than Woodford. Berkshire is a pretty young bourbon so it may be a little on the harsh side. If it’s a gift I might go with something a little more tried and true. Shoot me an email with you time frame, price range, and general area of the country and I’ll shoot you back a few recommendations.

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