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a-pos-tle: One who pioneers an important reform movement, cause, or belief; A passionate adherent; a strong supporter; from Old English apostol “messenger,” from Greek apostolos “messenger, person sent forth.”

When we first rolled out Whisk(e)y Apostle over six years ago it was just Matt and I stumbling around trying to figure out what the hell we were doing. At that time whiskey blogging was pretty much limited to Serge Valentin and Sam Simmons (Dr. Whisky). It seems like right about the time we got off our asses to start blogging the blogosphere exploded. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a whiskey blog now. We hope we are still somewhat relevant or at least enjoyable to read. We also extended the crew a bit since the early days to offer varied and hopefully better opinions on the world of whiskey. our goal is still to proselytize the faith of the golden dram. Whether we’re answering your questions, helping you find the perfect dram, or just introducing you to the wonderful world of whisky; we want to help you raise a dram and imbibe in the ‘water of life.’

– Richard

Richard Awbrey: Managing Apostle
He’s the guy keeping the lights on. Blame him for everything that’s wrong and hopefully he’s also responsible for a few things that are right. He tries to keep the site up and running and mange the Twitter feed but he is a finance dork professionally so cut him a little slack. Richard makes metro Atlanta his home with his wife, daughters, and two dogs Macallan and Aberlour. He’s the main contact for press releases, review samples, questions, etc.

Matt: Apostle Emeritus
Whisk(e)y Apostle was Matt’s baby from the start. Unfortunately, despite his best intentions life got in the way and he had to bow out of regular duties some time ago. Every once in a while Matt will grace us with a post here or there. He’s still the best palate on staff and we hope he can find the time to pop up more often.

Gary Turner: Rye Whisperer
Gary is just a guy who enjoys geeking out on whiskey in his spare time, and has the good fortune to find himself amongst fellow whiskey enthusiasts in the Atlanta area. He has a self-described “iron palate”, but is working to improve that (practice makes . . . decent would be good enough!) A huge Star Wars fan (proof we can geek on several fronts simultaneously), Gary will be pitching in from time to time. He’s mostly a bourbon and rye guy but we are slowly getting him over to the “dark side” of scotch and Irish whiskeys.

5 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hey, I just found your website today and am really enjoying the in-depth reviews you guys do (as well as the comparative ones). Keep up the good work ^^

  2. Keep up the gooood work…enjoyed running into your site (FYI: googled: glenlivet vs glenfiddich)…I’ve greatly enjoyed Glenmorangie & esp Laphroag recently; been years but started w/ Dalwhinnie or was it Dalmore?…

  3. Benn doing Glenlivet again lately; must compare it w/ Glenfiddich…have enjoyed Glenlivet but prefer a more lingering aftertaste…want now to compare the 15 yr old Laphroaig w/ the 10 yr old of which I’ve now had a bottle or 2…

  4. Glad you like our site. If you find some 15yr Laphroaig, stock up. That’s my favorite Laphroaig. Unfortunately, they have replaced the 15 with an 18yr. I seem to be in the minority, but I prefer the 15 by far. If you like Glenlivet, but prefer a more lingering aftertaste, try the Glenlivet 15yr French Oak too. It’s aged in limousin oak barrels (the kind they use to age cognac). Barrel type has a huge impact on flavor.

  5. Hey there! See you were at the Extravaganza last night – so was I – sorry I missed you! Perhaps another time : ) We had a great time as usual – already looking forward to next year’s event! Cheers, Jojo

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