Heaven Hill Trybox Series New Make Rye

Heaven Hill Trybox Series New Make Rye
62.5% ABV

What Gary Says
Nose: Alcohol, crisp, only a hint of corn; some water brings out a note of anise and tamps down the burn.
Palate: Warm, sweet – with corn and anise followed by a bite; some water really brings out the anise (like liquid licorice) along with a sugary sweetness.
Finish: Peppery on the finish, but unremarkable.
Comments: At this proof, it needs water – otherwise it doesn’t have much going on (not that you expect a lot from white dog). This was my least favorite of the three white dogs I reviewed, although nothing off putting. Not being a fan of white dog, this fit pretty squarely into what I expect, if not a touch less interesting than that.
Rating: Average

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