Great King Street Single Cask

Great King Street Artist’s Blend Single Marrying Cask
Dekalb Bottle House Exclusive, Cask No 6

49% ABV

What the Blender Says
(When referencing the standard Artist’s Blend, Compass Box says):
Rich, round, fruity. Artist’s Blend is a tribute to a time when blenders used an artistry, creativity and craft to make this combination of flavourful single malt whiskies and delicate single grain whiskies one of the world’s most famous drinks.

What Richard Says
Nose: This bottle still has that fruity, spicy, oak nose but made more robust by the additional time in new French oak.
Palate: Big vanilla sweetness pops out right away. Creamy peach custard, vanilla sugar, a nip of black pepper around the edges.
Finish: The oak and spice come big time on the finish. Lots of cracked black pepper and allspice.
Comments: This version takes the blend to a new level. The finished blend is then filled into new French oak cask and matured or married for an additional year. That plus the addition of pushing the proof from 43% to 49% makes the already delicious Artist’s Blend a more muscular and imposing version of itself. This is only available through a handful of liquor stores around the US. Dekalb Bottle House is the only store in Atlanta that got one. They bought cask 6. At $50 a bottle this is pretty much a steal. Go, now, hurry and get a bottle before they are all gone.
Rating: Must Buy

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