Pig’s Nose

Pig’s Nose Blended Scotch Whisky
40% ABV

What the Blender Says
The whisky’s name plays on the notion that it’s as smooth as a pig’s nose.

Produced in specially selected first-fill oak casks, the seriously satisfying smoothness comes from combining oak-aged Speyside, Islay and Lowland malts with superior gentle grain whiskies.

What Richard Says
Nose: The is clean, crisp, lightly floral, and grassy.
Palate: Exceptionally light and smooth. There is a buttery creamy mouthfeel to it but beyond that it is nearly flavorless.
Finish: Just a wisp.
Comments: I don’t know about it being “smooth as a pig’s nose” but it is one of the lightest whiskies that I’ve ever tried. It’s almost flavorless but in a very smooth way. Not flavorless like vodka. I tend toward something with a bit more oomph when I choose a scotch but this surely won’t offend anyone.
Rating: Average

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