Jim Beam Bonded

Jim Beam Bonded Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
50% ABV
What the Distillery Says:
Our bonded bourbon is created from the highest quality ingredients and adheres to the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. Enjoy a taste of history today.

Our bonded bourbon follows the letter of the law: the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. It’s bottled at 100 proof, aged at least four years in a federally bonded warehouse and produced in a single distillery season at a single distillery.

What Gary Says:
Nose: Unmistakably “Beam”; subtle vanilla, cornbread, and a tangy hint of citrus.
Palate: Decent balance of sweetness and oak; sweet up front with vanilla and honey, light spice kicks in; notes of pine.
Finish: Moderately spicy and drying.
Comments: Always glad to see another “bonded” product on the market. In full disclosure, I’m not a fan of the mainstay Jim Beam white label (although I do enjoy Knob Creek, Baker’s, and Booker’s), and there is no escaping the familial resemblance here. But this adds a bit of depth and character, and for only a couple more dollars. For $5 more, I don’t know that I would recommend, but there isn’t a lot at the $20 price point that I like more these days.
Rating: Stands Out

What Richard Says:
Nose: The peanut and cornmeal Beam signature “funk” ever present.
Palate: Corn pudding, vanilla beans, burnt sugar, and kettle corn.
Finish: Dry and lightly peppery with remnants of corn and wet toothpicks.
Comments: Beam throws one up to the discerning value buyer. This is a bit of a missing link bourbon. For less than $20 you should seek this one out instead of regular Jim Beam. It answers the question of how Beam gets from Jim Beam White to Baker’s. The bonded version shows as the little brother to the Baker’s and if you are a Baker’s fan then I think you will really like the less complex and younger iteration.
Rating: Stands Out

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