Enlightenment Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
46% ABV
What the Blender Says:
‘There is no desire more natural than the desire for knowledge.’ – Michel de Montaigne

Since launching the Compass Box Whisky Co., I have always been a firm believer in the spirit of enlightenment – that the more information we can share with our customers about the Scotch whisky we produce, the better. Alas, it transpires such beliefs fall foul of current EU and UK regulations, which prevent us from sharing information about the age of every component whisky used in the creation of our blends.

This whisky, Enlightenment, is our response to these regulations.

Inspired by the writers, philosophers and scientists of the Age of Enlightenment it sets out to encourage the industry to consider the absurdity of a system that prevents producers from telling consumers exactly what has gone into the whiskies they are drinking.

And of course the whisky itself is something rather special. A blend of fruity, fragrant Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, it is bursting with aromas of fresh orchard fruit, flavours of vanilla, soft spice and pear and an alluring apple peel waxiness on the finish. An uplifting, enlightening whisky with which to ponder the world of Scotch not only as it is but also as it could be.

Availability: Limited Edition release of 5,922 bottles worldwide. Bottled April 2016.
Flavour Descriptors: Fresh, vibrant and uplifting with a mouthfeel that is moreish and mouth-watering. On the nose you will find bright apple and pear, vanilla cream and light violet; on the palate soft spice, gentle citric notes and more of that uplifting orchard fruit character.
Recommendations: True to its name, this is an enlightening whisky enjoyed equally well in moments of quiet
contemplation or at the heart of a lively discussion with friends. Perfect served as an aperitif with ice and a splash of water or soda water.
Bottling Details: Bottled at 46%, Not chill-filtered, Natural colour

What Richard Says:
Nose: Heavily fruity nose reminding me of blood orange peel, apricots, poached pears and creame brulee. With time it turns more floral with notes of crisp green apple.
Palate: Light and creamy sweetness with notes of orange zest, spearmint, and black pepper.
Finish: Chalky, dry, and reminiscent of wet wood.
Comments: Compass Box blends exceptional whisky. This can be a bit of a blessing and curse when it comes to reviews. When comparing Enlightenment to scotch blends in general it is amazing. When comparing it to other Compass Box offerings it is more subtle and understated. A great, stand out whisky for sure but not the best that Compass Box has to offer. The nose and palate are very well constructed but I think the finish falls flat. I would agree with the Compass Box recommendation as an aperitif with a little ice. It helps tame the finish but hold off on the water. It kind of kills it.
Rating: Stands Out

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