Old Forester Signature

Old Forester Signature Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky
50% ABV
What the Distillery Says:
A favorite of bartenders, Signature 100 Proof honors the legacy of founder George Garvin Brown, who put his signature on every bottle. And this bourbon is definitely one he would be proud to have his name on today.

NOSE Strong, sweet coffee laced with chocolate, creamy vanilla and rich, warmed oak.
TASTE Ripe apple and other sweet fruit; complex oak.
FINISH Sweet and light, with hints of oak and apple that linger a bit.

What Gary Says:
Nose: Crisp/sharp rye bite, oaky, vanilla with a corn sweetness under the kick (a tad hot).
Palate: Better balance than the nose, vanilla, tapioca, pepper spice (but not as sharp).
Finish: Moderate with the spice kicking up at the end.
Comments: For the money, this is an incredibly reliable high-rye bourbon. The nose is brash and unapologetic with intense flavor. For me, this isn’t a “sit and study” pour. It is the foundation of many of my favorite mingles, and does well with cocktails as well.
Rating: Stands Out

What Richard Says:
Nose: Dry and woody by itself. If you agitate it a fair bit then you get more caramel apples and candy corn. It’s like old fashioned Halloween. As it mellows in the glass more of a classic caramel and vanilla nose develops.
Palate: Surprisingly sweet with a very peach cobbler a la mode and butterscotch thing going on. It drinks hot and a little woody but takes water pretty well so use as necessary.
Finish: Peppery with a lingering bit of wood and corn. It’s surprisingly not dry.
Comments: I recently heard someone use the term “card game whiskey” and I really like that. This is definitely in that category. You’re not going to sit there and lament over it for hours but it is solid, tasty, and serviceable in multiple situations. My first experience with Old Forester Signature was back many years ago shortly after I first started drinking whiskey. I was going on a camping trip with college buddies and I wanted to venture out beyond the Jack Daniels I had been drinking at that point so I grabbed one of these. That was a hilarious trip and it was certainly lubricated with Old Forester. As a step up from Jack in terms of flavor it was kind of a revelation. I’ve never looked back. While I don’t frequently buy this anymore it is still a memorable whiskey for me and holds a special sentimental place in my memories.
Rating: Stands Out

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