Lord Lieutenant Kinahan’s 10 Year Old

Lord Lieutenant Kinahan’s Single Malt Irish Whiskey Aged 10 Years
Bottle Number: 080583, Batch 1

46% ABV
$60 to $70
What the Bottler Says:
Kinahan’s was founded in 1779 on Trinity Street, Dublin. In 1807 Kinahan’s attracted the attention of Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, so much so that he ordered for the whiskey to be kept exclusively for himself. This resulted in each cask being marked ‘L.L.’ (Lord Lieutenant).

In 1863 the Court of Dublin awarded Kinahan’s L.L. whiskey with legal protection against other Irish producers who were trying to invade the brand. This event is recorded in the Dublin archives, precedenting the first protection of a whiskey trademark in history.

By the mid 19th Century Kinahan’s L.L. whiskey came to the attention of many American connoisseurs, including Jerry Thomas, “the father of American mixology”. Kinahan’s L.L. is known to have been the whiskey of choice for Jerry Thomas since 1862.

Our Single Malt Irish Whiskey has been matured exclusively in ex-bourbon barrels for at least 10 years. Our Malt Master carefully samples the aged whiskey, cask by cask. He will only select single malt which overlays the original mellow, rich and full flavoured character that is unique to a forgotten Irish Whiskey of ‘L.L.’ flavour.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Richer, fuller, more well rounded and robust on the nose. Dark fruits and oatmeal raisin cookies.
Palate: Pleasant creamy sweetness with just a touch of light saltiness. Oranges, cherry pie, and cocoa powder come forward with a peppery woody back palate.
Finish: The finish is slightly dry and a little bland.
Comments: I saw this and thought “ugh, another bland sourced Irish Malt” but this is really a nice and enjoyable dram. It’s more flavorful and attention grabbing than I expected. I can’t say it’s a $70 malt but if it was under $50 I would recommend it highly.
Rating: Stands Out

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