SMWS Cask 95.19

SMWS Cask 95.19 Enigmatic Duality
53.2% ABV
17 Year Old
Speyside Spey Region
Distilled August 1997
Refill Hogshead

What the Bottler Says:
The nose appealed to us all – but in surprisingly different ways – some go tropical fruits – dried mango, kiwi, lingen berry sorbet and ‘waxed lemons in the Tuscan sun’ – others detected deeper elements of tar, seaweed and even a wisp of smoke. That enigmatic duality persisted with water – pink peppercorns, horseradish, honey, ‘lightening over herb gardens’ and toasted pistachios. The palate was immediate and powerful – mouth-coating waxed fruits, heather honey and creme brulee wrested with peppery heat, hints of bonfire ash and carbolic. In reduction, we found aloe vera, menthol, Fisherman’s Friends, clove, hickory and fried sage leaves – good sweet-savoury balance.

Drinking Tip: A curiosity dram – have fun perplexing your friends.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Herbaceous and outdoorsy in a very inviting way. It reminds me of wildflower fields in North Georgia, pine forests, and Ricola lozenges. There is a bit of muted sweetness and essence of the sea floating in the background but nothing that makes you stand up and take notice.
Palate: In your face with a meaty salty sweetness. It’s rich and chewy with a nice rich mouthfeel. There is a spicy nuttiness that plays well with the other notes.
Finish: The finish is short and to the point. There is very little to linger on here.
Comments: I can’t say this is really recognizable as a standout for a specific distillery but it is intriguing. There are some nice counterbalances going on in this dram. Sweet, savory, rich, and spicy. Very nice indeed.
Rating: Stands Out

We would like to thank the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America for sending a sample for the holidays. Our apologies for the review delays. Holiday head colds were unavoidable.

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