Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch

Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch
Canadian Blended Rye Whisky

45% ABV
What the Distillery Says:
There is no quaint, “Old Grandpa So-and-So”, ancient family story here.

Truth be told, you have to be unusually patient, persistent, fanatical, and the right amount of crazy to make rye whisky. Alberta Distillers embraced this challenge and not only made rye whisky, they mastered it. Today, Alberta Distillers is the number one rye producer in North America with more than 450,000 barrels aging on site.

After years of perfecting their craft, the master distillers at Alberta Distillers wanted to continue to push the rye envelope and come up with not just another rye whisky, but a better rye whisky.

And so, Alberta® Rye Dark Batch™ was born. A true expression of the skilled craftsmen who have made rye whisky their passion for nearly 70 years.

91% Rye Whisky
8% Bourbon
1% Sherry

What Gary Says:
Nose: Malted rye, cereal grain, sherry, with subtle smoke
Palate: Soft, subtle-malty-cereal thing, cherries, not sharp/crisp like American rye, more Earthy; sherry is less prominent than on the nose
Finish: Moderate, with the sherry peeking through
Comments: When I first nosed this, I thought of Lot 40 (another Canadian Rye) . . . but different. When I tasted it, that comparison disappeared. This is much more of a subtle/gentle whiskey on the palate, and reminds me a bit of a bottled cocktail. I really love how unique it is (and unique in a good way – not a “well that was odd for the sake of being odd” way). I also really appreciate that it doesn’t break the bank to take it out for a spin.
Rating: Must Try

What Richard Says:
Nose: The rye kind of gets muted by a creamy sherry nose. There is a minty sweetness there but the sherry stands out. It’s kind of like a mint julep made with sherry instead of bourbon.
Palate: Dark fruits, more sherry, peppery rye spice, with a minty back.
Finish: A little touch harsh. Not hot, like young but more industrial. It’s like licking a rubber band.
Comments: I recently had a barrel aged Manhattan that a coworker had worked on for some time. His secret ingredient was a bit of tawny port. Wow did that overwhelm the drink. I applaud the inventiveness of Alberta here but the sherry, and really all fortified wines, should be reserved for finishing/aging barrels and not as an actual additive to the whiskey. It really overpowers the nose, is the 800 pound gorilla on the palate, and oddly leaves the finish unfortunately untouched. It stands out as being different to me but not in a “you should consider that in purchasing choice” kind of way. I’m not a fan of this one. This will be my first and last bottle. [Or I may just gift the rest to Gary 😉 ]
Rating: Average

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