1792 Sweet Wheat

1792 Sweet Wheat Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
45.6% ABV
$30 to $35
What the Distillery Says:
Crafted with sweet and delicate wheat instead of the more traditional rye, this bourbon is quite distinctive from most. The soft wheat delivers a subtle and smooth taste with gentle layers of flavor. Each sip expresses a harmony of sweetness and dryness.

A well balanced bourbon with delicate body. Notes of vanilla and caramel are complimented by a touch of white oak tannins. This is further mingled with dried fruit to deliver a richly smooth flavor.

What Gary Says:
Nose: Enigmatic . . . a bit of young corn sweetness, but hints of some age in the subtle wood (some sources state this is about 8 yrs old)
Palate: Very, very soft mouthfeel – pleasant sweetness comes through, but very little spice.
Finish: A hint (more of a tease) of a spice note, and then dissipates.
Comments: When I first sniffed this pour, I thought “Yep – Barton”, as there is a familiar resemblance there, but more like cousins than brothers. I like 1792, and this just left me wanting a bit more spice – which isn’t surprising for a wheated bourbon. I think if someone gave me this to sip without me thinking about 1792, I would enjoy it for what it is – although at the price point, I am likely to pass.
Rating: Average

What Richard Says:
Nose: Honey and caramel corn.
Palate: Lovely creamy vanilla and caramel sweetness. It reminds me a bit of a well spiked eggnog.
Finish: A little spicy kick at the end.
Comments: Very delicious and enjoyable. I find a bit more here than I do with a Makers, Weller, or Old Fitzgerald. It’s a nice balancing interplay of sweet and spicy. More please!
Rating: Stands Out

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