I.W. Harper

I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
41% ABV
What the Bottler Says:
Beginning with a subtle nose, I.W. HARPER Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey leaves traces of caramel and vanilla on entry before melting into velvety bursts of wood and spice. The finish is sweet and pleasant with subtle fruit notes.

What Gary Says:
Nose: Light corn, hint of licorice, a bit dry and thin.
Palate: Thin, sweet corn and caramel apple, slight herbal/vegetative note I can’t pin down.
Finish: Finish? Sorry, I must have missed it.
Comments: The distillery’s description includes words like “subtle” and “traces”, which I think is pretty accurate. This whiskey left me wanting something else on pretty much every level. It didn’t have anything that I found objectionable necessarily, but more like the absence of things I look for in a whiskey. At the price point, this is an easy pass for me.
Rating: Almost Average

What Richard Says:
Nose: Nice and rich with burnt vanilla cream and caramel notes but it clears out quickly so catch it if you can. What remains when it opens up more is candy corns and grain alcohol.
Palate: Seriously light and thin. A little crisp apple sweetness but it’s pretty dry and unimpressive.
Finish: The slightest wood hint, there and gone.
Comments: For those that think Basil Hayden’s is a watered down thin shadow of aged Old Grand Dad this makes it seem like a robust National Distillers Old Grand Dad 114. It’s actually so thin that the flavor can’t stand over the (relatively) minimal proof. It actually tastes more and more like alcohol as it opens up in the glass. At $35 I find this to be borderline offensive.
Rating: Probably Pass

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