Henry McKenna Bottled-In-Bond

Henry McKenna Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bottled-In-Bond Aged 10 Years, Barrel No: 1360

50% ABV
$30 to $35
What the Distillery Says:
In 1837, a young man from Ireland known for his remarkable whiskey-making skills, came to America with his family’s whiskey recipe that had been passed down for generations. Young Mr. McKenna settled in Kentucky and discovered the uniquely American drink known as Bourbon. McKenna instantly took a liking to Kentucky whiskey and set out to create a better Bourbon using his family’s recipe. To ensure the highest quality, he insisted that his Bourbon age in oak barrels before bottling. From this process, highly unusual for the time, emerged a remarkably smooth Bourbon boasting a distinctive character.

As the only extra aged Bottled-in-Bond Single Barrel Bourbon, Henry McKenna Single Barrel satisfies those looking for a real whiskey with real history. The super-premium status is conveyed through new packaging. The front label contains handwritten authentication of the barrel number and the barreled on date. It also emphasizes the Bottled-In-Bond designation and the 10 year age statement.

What Gary Says:
Nose: Oaky, subtly sweet with a citrus tinged fruitiness (although a bit astringent?)
Palate: Honey sweet, well balanced – not as much oak as I’d expect on a 10yr; really nice mouthfeel (not exactly creamy or silky, but somewhere in between.
Finish: Moderate in length.
Comments: I’ve only bought one Henry McKenna Single Barrel personally, and was so disappointed I’ve not bought a second. However I’ve tried several others prior, and a couple since – all of which have been a far sight better, including this sample (thanks Rich!) With any single barrel, variability is a risk you take – but at least they include the details on the label (so if you find a great barrel, you can pick up more – where some single barrel bourbons such as Elmer T Lee lack these important details). Considering the price point, age, and proof – I think this is a solid bourbon.
Rating: Stands Out

What Richard Says:
Nose: Nice vanilla and cinnamon interplay with oak notes.
Palate: Creamy in the mouth. Cinnamon, vanilla creme brulee, and a Hershey’s kiss milk chocolate note.
Finish: Dry with hints of black pepper and oak.
Comments: I found this particular bottle delicious but I’ve also noticed that the Henry McKennas seem to vary more from barrel to barrel than your typical single barrel bourbon. In general they range from average to stands out. If you can get it for around $30 then even if you get a less stellar barrel it’s a great cocktail bourbon for sure.
Rating: Stands Out

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