George Dickel Rye

George Dickel Rye Whisky
45% ABV
What the Distillery Says:
George Dickel Rye Whisky is the only rye finished in the style that made George famous. We start with the finest rye whisky available, made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley. Then we finish it the Dickel way – chilled, then charcoal mellowed.

Spicy and smoky with an exceptionally smooth finish.

What Gary Says:
Nose: Young rye spice, bit of dill, bright but a bit soft
Palate: Citrus spiciness with a hint of pickle and a mellow sweetness
Finish: Moderate, and it seems to get wetter (which I rarely find in a whiskey – odd in that way, but not off putting)
Comments: Dickel has been very transparent (and we appreciate that!) that this rye is distilled by a partner in Indiana, who also distills rye distillate for many NDPs. On the nose, that relationship is pretty clear if you are familiar with some of the others (Bulleit Rye and James E Pepper Rye are two examples). Dickel employs charcoal mellowing when chill filtering the whiskey (although at the time of bottling rather than before aging – again, something different). This adds to the smoothness, and I suspect makes the finish more unique. I am glad they are bottling this at 45% ABV, a tad higher than their Tennessee whiskies, and a tad below some of the other ryes created from the same distillate. For those reasons, I would consider having a bottle around – in particular if you are a fan of rye.
Rating: Stands Out

What Richard Says:
Nose: That minty rye nose jumps out with a creamy herbal backing. It reminds me a bit of Ricola drops. Even though this is contract produced with some tweaks of Dickel’s own it still shows it’s Indiana heritage.
Palate: Sweet mint, a mild bitterness, a pepper back beat.
Finish: Black pepper and mint essential oils that remind a bit of Italian menthol shaving creams.
Comments: With this rye Dickel isn’t your typical non-distilling producer (NDP). First, they use the same charcoal mellowing technique that they do on their Tennessee whiskeys. Second, according to the folks at Dickel this rye is produced using Dickel’s strain of yeast rather than just buying whatever they are making up in Indiana. Those two things make this a distinct contract distilling relationship rather than what I would call a sourced whiskey relationship. It’s made for them in a specific way rather than being made and then subsequently bought by them. So don’t look at it and think just another MGP rye like so many others. It has it’s own unique qualities and stands out from the crowd.
Rating: Stands Out

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