Bushmills 21 Year

Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey Aged 21 Years
40% ABV
What the Distillery Says:
“This rare whiskey is in scarce supply with only a limited number of casks in our warehouses. It’s matured in bourbon and sherry barrels for 21 years‚ before being married together for two years in a madeira-infused cask. The result is dark chocolate and caramelised toffee aromas and a sip that clings to the palate before releasing a magical burst like mint. It’s a rare taste in every serve.”

NOSE: Caramelised toffee and dark chocolate.
TASTE: Wow! rich raisins and fruity notes that cling to the palate.
FINISH: A burst of mint that ends in an intense liquorice finale.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Nutty and spiciness with a toffee back note. As it opens it reminds me of walking through a pine forest after a rain storm.
Palate: Rich with a lovely depth. The dried stone fruit notes play well with the influence of the fortified wine wood.
Finish: Herbal with a large presence of wet wood. Fresh split wet pine and wet toothpicks. It’s tart with something reminiscent of plain Milkbone dog treats.
Comments: To me this is a huge step up from the 16 year old. Also, I think for being in the range of $120 I think it is still a solid value in aged Irish whiskey. Definitely give this one a try if you come across. If you’re like me you many not be able to go back down range from Bushmills after having this.
Rating: Must Try

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