(rī)1 Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
46% ABV
$30 to $35 (found mine on sale for $20)
What the Distillery Says:
(rî)1® Whiskey elevates the ultra-premium whiskey category, offering consumers a refined flavor, a striking look and a new take on cocktail couture.

(rî)1® is a blend of several different ages (minimum 4.5 years) to create a uniquely smooth and sophisticated flavor. The deliberate blending of several different ages creates a higher proof; spicy, yet lighter rye taste; and long, luxurious finish that declares (rî)1® as the definition to which other rye whiskies should aspire.

(rî)1® provides the cocktail crowd with a spicy, flavorful addition to their current drink portfolio. Rye whiskey is both approachable in its taste, and distinct in its profile due to its luxurious and striking finishes. We have created a modern spirit that allows drinkers to rediscover some of their favorite cocktails.

(rî)1® is (pronounced “rye one”)

Bottled at 92 proof

Light, spicy flavor and long, luxurious finish

Straight, the nose offers a gentle, peppery nod to its rye heritage.

Cut with water, the scents of dried fruit and cinnamon push to the front, providing a rich palate experience

(rî)1® is packaged in a distinctive glass bottle with a single label that reinforces the brand’s straightforward feel and modern style

What Richard Says:
Nose: Spearmint, vanilla, cinnamon, and cracked pepper. The nose is very…sharp. That’s the best way I can describe it. It comes at you like spear. Watering it down makes it much fruitier but you lose the nice spice and mint notes. I want both at the same time damn it!
Palate: Boiled peanuts, hot black and cayenne pepper. Watering it down is recommended. It mellows out the nastier notes and leaves it lighter and creamier.
Finish: Hot and peppery with a back of raw wet wood…like a toothpick you’ve chewed too long.
Comments: Young, hot tempered, and brash. Given it’s packaging it’s kind of an angry hipster rye. 🙂 This may be the first none barrel/cask strength whiskey I’ve ever said this about but you really need to water this one. By itself it’s kind of nasty. The nose is nice but the rest is meh. With a dose of water it mellows to a nice drinkable whiskey. I’m thinking this was designed more for the cocktail crowd and givne it’s need for dilution that may be a good idea. Straight from the bottle and by itself this one isn’t doing it for me.
Rating: Average

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