Redemption Rye

Redemption Rye Whiskey Batch 86, Bottle 926
46% ABV
$25 to $30
RR Front Backlit cropped and reduced
What the Bottler Says:
The U.S. Government Standards require “rye whiskey” to be made from a mash of at least 51% rye grain. For Redemption Rye we use a mash of 95% premium rye grain for a spicy and bold flavor and we use premium rye, which costs more but is well worth it, because when you use good ingredients you get good rye whiskey.

The U.S. Government Standards also require that rye whiskey be aged in “new charred oak barrels” which means that new oak barrels are burned on the inside, and it’s from the charred wood and the expansion and contraction of the whiskey in and through the wood of the barrel through the seasons that whiskey gets its amber color and the flavor is smoothed. The standards do not specify a minimum time the rye whiskey needs to stay in the barrel, but once it has been in the barrel for 2 years it earns the designation of “straight” rye whiskey. Redemption Rye is aged for over 2 years.

We bottle in small batches which allows us to leave the whiskey in the barrels longer for the most flavor and color. We empty the barrels and filter for particles, cut it down to 92 proof and bottle it immediately so that the most flavor from the barrel makes it into the bottle. We then mark each bottle with the batch and bottle number by hand.

Then the bottles are packed into cases and shipped around to the country, and that’s the Redemption Rye process! So enjoy this fine rye responsibly and share our pride in this great American Spirit.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Holy mint nose Batman! This one screams it’s rye-ness on the nose.
Palate: Licorice, more mint, and homemade rock candy.
Finish: Cracks off the palate like a bat breaking home run. Short and minty.
Comments: My “official” review tasting of this has been sitting a while. When I first got the bottle I thought it was young, brash, and only useful in cocktails. However, giving it some resting time with a good bit of head space (large whiskey to cap space for air) and this has mellowed out nicely. For a young (around two years) sourced rye from LDI…MGP or whatever the hell they are called now in Indiana, this isn’t bad.
Rating: Average

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