Compass Box Great King Street New York Blend

Compass Box Great King Street New York Blend Blended Scotch Whisky
46% ABV
$55 to $70
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What the Blender Says:
GREAT KING STREET, the Blended Scotch whisky specialist brand launched by the Compass Box Whisky Company, has announced they will launch next month their NEW YORK BLEND, the first of the brand’s Limited Release regional blends.

Compass Box founder and Great King Street whiskymaker John Glaser explains: “We were approached by the New York WhiskyFest last year asking us to debut a new whisky at this year’s festival, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to start a series of regional blends, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. What better place to begin than New York?”

Glaser has long been inspired by the old Scotch whisky blending houses of 120 years ago who commonly made different blends for regional tastes. He has also been inspired by the ways in which blends were made in this period, delivering far more flavour than those of today. These things have formed the basis of his whiskymaking approach for the Great King Street brand.

For the New York Blend, Glaser made two key discoveries that inspired this one-off, limited edition bottling. One was an ancient New York Times article describing an 1890s bartender named Patrick Duffy who was responsible for instigating the importation of branded Scotch whisky in glass bottles for the first time into New York. Second, was an old Scotch blend recipe from a Glasgow blending house from the same era. Glaser fashioned a blend based on the old recipe and dedicated the bottling to Duffy, and the New York Blend was born.

What sets this Great King Street blend apart from Scotch whisky blends of today is flavour. The New York Blend uses lots of peaty single malts, plenty of sherry cask-aged single malts, and a much higher proportion of malt to grain whisky (80%/20%) than is typically used today (generally 30%/70%).

The Great King Street “New York Blend” was launched on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 at the New York Whisky Fest at the Marriot Marquis hotel in Manhattan. Only 1,840 bottles are being released and it will be available primarily in the New York metropolitan area and via the Compass Box Whisky Company web site. Glaser plans more Great King Street regional blends in the future, but for now he is mum about the details of where or when!

What Richard Says:
Nose: Big doses of peat and sherry. It’s like an Aberlour – Laphroaig love child.
Palate: Surprising sweet punch up front. Sherry, ripe stone fruit, and dark berries all served with brine.
Finish: A nice slow smokiness playing around the wood. A Broadway encore!
Comments: Bam! This resembles it’s Great King Street stablemate in name only. This is a large, arrogant, and muscular blend. It grabs your attention and gets in your face…not unlike some other New Yorkers. An answer to the Johnnie Walker blues? [wink] No doubt!
Rating: Must Try

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