Sea Wynde Rum

Sea Wynde Pot Still Rum
46% ABV
Sea Wynde
What the Distillery Says:
For centuries, the finest rums, like whiskeys, were made in pot stills. Traditionally, pot still rums from several different origins were married together to produce the most coveted rums, rich and complex with flavor. This costly and time-consuming method of distillation has now all but vanished. Today, most rum brands are the product of a column still or a combination of column still and pot still rums. Furthermore, most rum brands are the product of a single country.

Sea Wynde is a rum unlike any other. Not only is it made using the traditional pot still technique, but it also marries rums from Jamaica and Guyana, creating a rich flavor that could never be reproduced by column stills used today, and also proves that two are better than one. In fact, Sea Wynde is the only rum in the world, to our knowledge, to combine pure pot still rums from these two countries. The individual rums are aged in small oak casks, some in the Carribbean and some in the UK. Once all the individual casks are selected, the rums are vatted together prior to bottling.

Sea Wynde is bottled in small batches and, like a vintage wine, the flavor of each bottling will vary. It is a rum of honeyed richness and subtle complexity which places it in a class of its own, and demonstrates the benefits of sticking with tradition. Sea Wynde Pot Still Rum allows you to experience the invigorating taste of the Caribbean and South America any time of year.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Fruity, creamy, dark fruits, and stewed cherries.
Palate: Much less sweet than the nose would portray. Nutty and fruity.
Finish: Dry, sharp and hot. Later is turns bitter and almost tannic.
Comments: This is a bit of an odd one. It progresses downward from the nose to finish. The nose is lovely, the palate is interesting, the finish is just okay and possibly off putting. It’s definitely an interesting one to try but you need not rush out to buy a bottle.
Rating: Stands Out

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