Black Maple Hill Bourbon

Black Maple Hill Kentucky Straight Bourbon
47.5% ABV

What the distillery Says:

(No website but here’s a link to Chuck Cowdery’s research into BMH)

What Richard Says:
Nose: Cherries, lavender, oranges, vanilla, fresh cut wood, and strong notes of acetone.
Palate: This is very chewy with an interesting interplay of tart and sweet. The late palate turns savory after rolling it around a bit.
Finish: A little hot and very woody. Seriously woody…like chewing a box of toothpicks plus morning after cigar mouth.
Comments: “The next Pappy Van Winkle” has been said recently. Not even close. Anything you get on the nose is tapered off on the palate and killed on the finish. This bottle of bourbon perplexed me a bit. I remember this being much better than the bottle I bought in 2012.
Rating: Average

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