SMWS Cask G9.1

SMWS Cask No. G9.1
57.8% ABV
Distilled September 2000
US Allocation: 48 bottles
December 2012 Outturn Release

What the SMWS Says:
The nose balanced toffee, marzipan, glace cherries and lemon puff biscuits against some spritzy, slightly acidic sherbet; we also found waxed paper, hazelnuts, greenery and geraniums. The unreduced palate had sharp, tropical fruits and lemon peel; also new wood and then something spicy and savoury. The reduced nose suggested peaches, cheesecake, woodland paths and a ruined castle by a lily-pad loch – quite a landscape. The reduced palate seemed a reasonable mixture of sweetness and astringency – a sweet and sour melange of toffee, pineapple, green sappy wood with some white pepper spicy heat in the finish. Captain Haddock’s favourite dram, apparently.

Drinking tip: While watching (or reading) Tintin

What Richard Says:
Nose: Brown butter, marzipan, and fresh baked scones. Water makes the nose very green. Lots of fresh grass, wet forest floors, and your mom’s flower garden before the flowers bloom.
Palate: Ooooh yum! At only 11 years this is one tasty grain. Richer that you wold expect. Lots of polished wood and spicy peppers (black and white). Water adds a little lemon zest.
Finish: Dry with lots of fresh cut raw wood. The finish is my least favorite part. I guess you will just have to keep drinking it. 😉
Comments: Very lovely. You don’t often get access to single grain scotches and they are usually really good or really bad. This is a good one.
Rating: Stands Out

Review sample provided courtesy of the SMWSA and is available to society members through their website or 800.990.1991.

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