SMWS Cask 125.51

SMWS Cask No. 125.51
Highland, Northern
57.4%% ABV
Distilled August 2001
US Allocation: 150 bottles
December 2012 Outturn Release

What the SMWS Says:
The nose took time to develop – eventually producing sharp zesty fruits, grated orange peel, vanilla, caramel, hint of mint and polished or waxed furniture. The palate was more immediately defined – the sweetness of Danish pastries (with vanilla cream and apricot jam) and the perfumed astringency of lime sorbet, starfruit and grapefruit; pepper and chilli arriving in the finish. In reduction, the nose expanded to include papaya, strawberry split ice-lollies, toffee, magic tree vanilla and yankee candles. The reduced palate delivered rich, perfumed sweetness (‘biting a woman’s neck’ someone suggested); oak sharpened the after-taste. The distillery was a brewery until 1843.

Drinking tip: The character comes through more in the palate than the nose

What Richard Says:
Nose: Out of the bottle this one doesn’t want to play ball. If you really put your nose to it a little vanilla custard comes through but it’s very faint. Water opens a little orange zest but not much else.
Palate: Much sweeter than the nose would foretell. Cream cheese danishes come to mind (Henri’s for those in Atlanta) and very peppery. Water lightens the sweetness but brings on a dry chemical flavor.
Finish: Hot peppered wood out of the bottle. Water leaves a sweeter and fruity finish in contrast to bottle strength.
Comments: Add water but do so sparingly. Balance it right and it’s a soft drinkable dram but add too much and it goes downhill fast.
Rating: Average

Review sample provided courtesy of the SMWSA and is available to society members through their website or 800.990.1991.

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