SMWSA Cask 29.104

SMWSA Cask No. 29.104
58.2% ABV
Distilled October 1990
US Allocation: 120 bottles
Winter 2012 Outturn Release

What the SMWSA Says:
A big nose with lots going on. Carbolic soap, sticking plasters, treacle, hot smoked salmon, burnt heather and liquorice root added to the the anticipation. Then a youthful woody spiciness together with jerk chicken sauce (rosemary, thyme, cloves, honey). The palate was massive with concentrated flavors and bitter woodiness. Water brought out prunes, raisins, lemon juice and old camp fires. A musky aroma accompanied some lighter floral notes. A brief hint of struck matches to taste gave way to tannins, burnt heather, liquorice sticks and lots of sweetness. It benefited from some water t calm it down. Of the three Kildalton distilleries, this is the one closest to Port Ellen.

Drinking tip: When you aren’t planning on sampling another whisky that evening

What Richard Says:
Nose: Burnt rubber and iodine with hints of peat. There’s also a meaty backbone that’s almost discernible right before the alcohol overwhelms it.
Palate: A quick hit of sweetness from dried fruits that plays at the beginning and end of the palate but plays hide and seek while you’re rolling it around in your mouth. It’s viscous to the point of almost being chewy.
Finish: Refreshingly smoky? A peat smoke breath mint? It sounds crazy but that’s what it’s like. Long after all this fades away it leaves you will light woodiness.
Comments: This is a complex malt that reveals itself in an iterative way. You can’t take one pass at it. Spend time with it. Explore it and you will be rewarded.
Rating: Stands Out

Review sample provided courtesy of the SMWSA and is available to society members through their website or 800.990.1991.

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