SMWSA Cask G1.8

SMWSA Cask No. G1.8
62.9% ABV
Distilled December 1990
US Allocation: 60 Bottles
September 2012 Outturn Release

What the SMWSA Says:
Lots of fruit on the early nose (pear flan, rhubarb, lemon curd, apricot) growing richer in the glass – soon we found marzipan, fudge, toffee, Bakewell tart, butterscotch, vanilla and straw. The palate was just as fruity but also sweet and nippy (some found it fiery) – like a bag of assorted boiled sweets. In reduction, the nose split between citric components and banana toffee – also some dustiness, like rubbing butter into flour. The palate opened and became cleaner and fresher, but evaporation from the tongue left rich joys of tobacco, liquorice and dark chocolate Bounty bars. From Edinburgh’s only grain distillery.

Drinking tip: A summertime dram – or maybe while making cakes.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Rum soaked golden raisins, pears, fresh ginger, saltwater taffy, and heavy cream that’s sat out on the counter too long.
Palate: Old pot coffee, navel oranges, liquorice, and old rubber.
Finish: Water or no water….this is a hot finish with a little bit of charred coconut skins.
Comments: Nose – yes. Everything else – not so much. I would probably send this one packing for the price. Irrespective of price it’s pleasant enough but nothing remarkable stands out. Although, you don’t see much North British bottled so if you can go splits with some folks on the bottle it is an interesting curiosity.
Rating: Average

Review sample provided courtesy of the SMWSA and is available to society members through their website or 800.990.1991.

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