Spicebox Small Batch Canadian Spiced Whisky
Lot No: 001372
40% ABV/80 Proof

What the Distillery Says:
SPICEBOX Spiced Rye Whisky is an incredibly smooth, aromatic spiced blend of Canadian whiskies aged in bourbon barrels for three to six years. Developed by Master Blender Michel Marcil, SPICEBOX is 100% rye with all-natural flavors of pepper, fruit, nutmeg, cinnamon and three types of vanilla beans (New Guinea, Madagascar and Ugandan). The essence of the aroma and flavor of the vanilla and spices is captured through a cold extraction process and then infused into the distilled rye whisky.

Spicebox Whisky offers a flavor profile that bridges straight whiskies and the newer, sweeter flavored entries. “I created the blend so the aroma and the flavor of the spices is evident on the nose and palate. This blend enhances but not overwhelms the whisky,” says Marcil. “Drinkers who are new to the category really like the flavor profile of Spicebox,” he added.

History: SPICEBOX was inspired by an enterprising Canadian who, during Prohibition, would ship contraband cargo in wooden barrels marked “spices.” Instead of calling it what it was – bootlegging – Canadians referred to this style of business as “exporting”. All was going according to plan until a barrel took a spill and their exporting days were over. But that didn’t stop these businessmen from making a living and enjoying their whisky. Whether it was through Moose Jaw or Windsor, Canadian Whisky still made its way to the US. “Rum Row” and “The Funnel” became some of the busiest waterways around!

In the roadhouses, or blind pigs and speakeasies, along the Canadian side of the Detroit River, hiding the whisky cache was a creative pursuit. Blind pigs bore false floors, hideaway cupboards, secret passageways and secret boxes. It is this True Canadian Spirit to which SPICEBOX Whisky pays tribute.

Nose: Aromatic with scents of vanilla and sweet spices; some malty notes.
Palate: Light and sweet with notes of white pepper and fruit, complemented with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper.
Finish: Short and sweet with light white pepper, oak and more vanilla flavor.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Hello vanilla! There are little butterscotch floating in straight up vanilla extract.
Palate: More vanilla and warm cinnamon spiced milk.
Finish: One last quick sweet vanilla drop before it quickly fades away.
Comments: So if I had a little guilty pleasure this might be it. There are a number of things that they blend into this but you could almost call it vanilla whisky. Very tasty.
Rating: Stands Out

I would like to thank The Baddish Group for sending me samples for review.

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