Jameson Distillery Reserve

Jameson Old Irish Whiskey
The Old Jameson Distilery Reserve, Aged 12 Years

40% ABV/80 Proof
$50 to $55 depending on exchange rate
Only available at The Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin or The Old Midleton Distillery in Cork

What the Distillery Says:
John Jameson would be justly proud of this exclusive Distillery Reserve Whiskey that commemorates his famous Old Dublin Distillery.

What Richard Says:
Nose: There are little wisps of sulfur right out of the bottle but they fade quickly after pouring. From there it transitions into honey, cream, fresh cut grass, and pine cones.
Palate: Creamy with lots of butterscotch and dried straw. There’s also something in there that reminds me of honey drizzled unripened pears.
Finish: The finish here is surprisingly woody. It’s also a little hotter than I expected. Deep into the finish there’s an aftertaste reminiscent of canned pineapple juice. I’m talking about the cheap stuff they use to make pina coladas with in San Juan.
Comments: I’m a little underwhelmed with this. I wanted something more or something special. What this really tastes like is an older version of standard Jameson. For the money I would tell you to pick up the Special Reserve if you want a 12 year old Jameson. I guess the Distillery Reserve is “special” if you get a bottle personalized at the distillery but then again you have to pay extra for that.
Rating: Average

One thought on “Jameson Distillery Reserve”

  1. I am sipping a glass that was gifted to me from Ireland and I definitely agree with the “canned pineapple juice” flavor you mention in the deep finish. I call it a “tinniness”.. much like the smell of a tin can after you opened it(which seem prevalent in cheap tequilas).

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