Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2011

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, 2011 Edition
49% ABV/98 Proof
$45 to $50

What the Distillery Says:
George Garvin Brown, founder of Old Forester bourbon and the first person to bottle bourbon, was born in Munfordville, Kentucky, on September 2, 1846. This vintage release of Old Forester has been selected to honor the birthday of this bourbon pioneer, innovator and industry leader.

This year’s vintage release of Old Forester is crafted from a 62 barrel batch of 99F11. That day’s spirit was matured in barrels crafted from Northern and Ozark terroir sourced white oak. This resulted in the development of some rich fruit notes (Ozark) and deep, dark char (Northern) characteristics. The barrels were stored in warehouses H and I, on their 1st and 6th floors respectively. These locations exposed the barrels to extremes of heat and cool which resulted in a rich, complex maturation profile.

Color Creamy toffee.
Aroma Rich in dark carmel and chocolate notes with layers of toasted hazelnut, leather, blackberry fruit and spiced with hints of clove and cedar.
Taste A complex array of red plum, blackberry and hints of citrus fruit covered with a layer of dark chocolate caramel and sharp honey underpinned with clove spice, anise, cedar and a faint hint of mint.
Finish Big and warming with a subtly sweet oak and fruit character.

What Richard Says:
Nose: This year’s release is very “smack you in the face” spicy immediately when it comes to the nose. I also get a lot of vanilla, caramel, and dark chocolate.
Palate: The palate on this one isn’t as nice as the nose. Chocolaty and spicy with notes of old leather but not quite as nice as last year’s release.
Finish: The finish is hot, oaky, and a little minty.
Comments: A nice 12 year old again worthy of purchasing but not quite as enjoyable as last year’s release. The palate is a little flat and the finish is a little hot. If there was a little more balance between these two and I would like it more. Unfortunately, the price on this bottling also keeps going up so it’s not as good of a buy as it used to be.
Rating: Stands Out

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