Macallan Whisky Maker’s Selection

The Macallan Fine Oak Whisky Maker’s Selection Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
42.8% ABV/85.6 Proof
$75 to $90 for 1 liter
Duty Free/Travel Retail Exclusive

What the Distillery Says:
The 1824 Collection
The 1824 Collection is a definitive range of Single Malts exclusive to Travel Retail. Crafted by those at its heart, these personal whiskies tell a particular story about The Macallan and draw on its long history, rich traditions and legendary dedication to quality.

Whisky Maker’s Edition
Containing rare whisky distilled from barley grown on The Macallan’s Estate, Whisky Maker’s Edition is personally crafted by The Macallan’s Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno and bottled at his preferred strength of 42.8% ABV. This Macallan is exceptionally elegant with a lingering finish.

What Richard Says:
Nose: This one is very green and cereal in nature. Bread, grains, breakfast cereal, and also a not altogether pleasant malty note.
Palate: It’s very viscous and there’s a sweet and bitter interplay that seem at odds with each other. It’s nutty with notes of honey. The palate is also very cereal-like in flavor.
Finish: Dry, hot, and a little bitter.
Comments: Let me start by saying I like Macallan scotch. I have for a long time. At the risk of being one of “those guys” I’ll say that I liked it before it was cool. I also like the Fine Oak Range. When it was released Macallan got a lot of flack for it but I enjoy it almost as much as the Sherry Range. All that said, I don’t like this. If you see the 1824 Collection on your next trip through duty free you might want to pick up one of the other expressions.
Rating: Probably Pass

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