Evan Williams Single Barrel 2001

Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Single Barrel Vintage 2001, Barrel No. 74

43.3% ABV/86.6 Proof
$25 to $30

What the Distillery Says:
This Bourbon was personally selected by our Master Distiller, only after meeting his exacting standards for this vintage. Taken from a single barrel, it is the purest achievement of the Bourbon making art. Bottled unblended with other barrels to preserve its individuality. Hand-numbered as a sign of its limited availability.

What Richard Says:
Nose: This nose is a little more robust than recent vintages and the standard release. Dark caramel, honeysuckle, and orchard fruits.
Palate: If the nose was a little bolder then the palate is much richer and bolder. There is a ton of vanilla with Heath bars and oak.
Finish: The finish is very woody and reminds me of a turn of the century (19th to 20th) old man’s study. Think old wood furniture and big leather chairs.
Comments: I look forward to this release every year. In truth I look forward to the annual release of all the bourbon’s I’m reviewing this month but the Evan Williams is a lot friendlier to my wallet. Every year this release is a little different. It surprises me how different given the same recipe going into the barrels. I actually like this year’s expression a little more than last year because it’s a little bolder. Evan Williams tends to be a mellow easy drinking bourbon but this year’s vintage release cranks it up a little. I like that.
Rating: Stands Out, Great Value

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