Wild Turkey American Honey

Wild Turkey American Honey
35.5% ABV/71 Proof
$18 to $20
Widely available across the U.S.

What the Distillery Says:
Wild Turkey American Honey is an exceptionally smooth liqueur blended with pure honey and real Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey, perfect served chilled straight from the freezer, over rocks, it is the sweeter, smoother side of Wild Turkey.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Surprisingly alcoholic on the nose. Much more than other similar liqueurs. The honey is very delicate and comes across more like honeysuckle.
Palate: Very viscous and sweet. The sweetness is more cane sugar than honey. There may be a little Wild Turkey at the back but it is the sugar that I taste.
Finish: One of the shorter finishes of the whiskey liqueurs I’ve tried. Even though it goes down like oil and coats like tar the finish is relatively quick and leaves more of the honey sweetness than the palate.
Comments: If you’re a fan of this type of drink then this one hangs with the best of them. It’s just not my bag.
Rating: Average