Evan Williams Cherry Reserve

Evan Williams Cherry Reserve Kentucky Liqueur
35% ABV/70 Proof
$13 to $16
Widely available across the U.S.

What the Distillery Says:
Evan Williams Cherry Reserve Kentucky Liqueur, a new product that marries extra-aged Evan Williams Bourbon with natural cherry flavor.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Luden’s cherry cough drops floating in cherry 7-Up.
Palate: Cloyingly sweet. Cherry Nyquil comes to mind. No hint of Evan Williams.
Finish: That sickly sweet taste hangs around for almost a minute. As it clears it leaves a light pleasant cherry note for a while. The finish is definitely the best part.
Comments: The best thing about this is that it actually make me yearn for Red Stag. Again, the whiskey connoisseur is not the audience they are targeting. However, if you’re inclined toward a cherry/whiskey infusion then I would pick Red Stag over this. Evan Williams Bourbon is so smooth that it can’t really stand up to all that cherry sweetness as well as Jim Beam.
Rating: Probably Pass