Old Grand Dad BIB

Old Grand-Dad Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottled In Bond
50% ABV/100 Proof
$17 to $20
Widely Available

What the Distillery Says:
Old Grand-Dad was a distiller named Basil Hayden who made his name by distilling a bourbon whiskey made with a higher percentage of rye. Basil Hayden passed along the art of distilling to his son and then, in turn, to his grandson. It was the third generation distiller, Colonel R.B. Hayden, who honored his grandfather by naming his justly famed
whiskey “Old Grand-Dad.

What Richard Says:
Nose: More oak than the 86 proof version. A little water opens up some peach notes and a hint of maple syrup.
Palate: Robust. The rye kick comes out first and keeps plugging through the whole way. A little water opens up some nice floral notes and a corn syrup sweetness that plays well with the spicy rye.
Finish: Surprisingly mellow at bottle strength. The finish is rye and oak all the way. Water tends to kill the finish.
Comments: Of all the Old Grand Dad versions (including Basil Hayden’s) this my favorite. Part of it is a little sentimentality because of the increasing rarity of bottle in bond bourbon. Mostly, it’s because this is a kick ass version. Old school rye bourbon? Here you go. It’s more flavorful and robust than Basil Hayden’s and the 86 proof version without the alcohol fire of OGD 114. This is plain old bourbon. No fancy aging, finishing, or tinkering. Just good stuff in the bottle. I always try to keep a bottle of this at home right next to my Rittenhouse Bottled In Bond.
Rating: Stands Out

What Matt Says:
Matt has not had a chance to review this whiskey yet.