Dalmore MacKenzie

The Dalmore MacKenzie Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky
46% ABV/92 Proof
$150 to $175
Only 200 Bottles in the U.S. at specialty retailers

What the Distillery Says:
Limited to just 200 bottles in the USA, this malt commemorates a moment in time from 1263 when the leader of Clan MacKenzie, later owners of The Dalmore Distillery, saved King Alexander III from a charging wild stag. In gratitude, the King gave the MacKenzies the right to use the stag’s head on their coat of arms and it appears on every bottle to this day. The malt was distilled on December 17, 1992 and rested 12 years in new American Oak before being finished in port wine butts for six years – an unusual maturation for The Dalmore, which is most often finessed in sherry casks. The resulting spirit, encased in historical packaging depicting the moment, is a single malt for all MacKenzies (and a few, other fortunate souls) to remember and savor.

Color: Deep mahagony, highlighted with amber and ruby flashes
Nose: Warming and rich. Top notes of stone fruits and citrus melt into a focused core of plumy, Port compote, with subtle accents of ginger and almond. Enticing as it unfolds.
Taste: Unctuous and rich; envelops the tongue. Smokey, peaty flavors play out against the sweet fruitiness of dry oak and the port finish, leaving a wake of chocolate truffle and marmalade notes in decadent balance.
Finish: Long and warming, with Port flavors prevailing to lend a pleasantly sweet parting kiss to the fire of the malt.

What Richard Says:
Nose: The additional port pipe aging gives it a much richer nose in a family of already rich whiskies. Orchard fruits, ginger, and citrus shine through.
Palate: Oh damn that’s good! Very rich with a smoky palate that isn’t the norm for Dalmore. There are fruity sweet notes and some very nice chocolate in there.
Finish: Smokey, dry, oak, and the lingering note of a fine cigar.
Comments: I really like this one…A LOT. Given it’s price point right around the same as the standard 18 Year Old I’ll tell you to buy this over that every day of the week and twice on Sundays (if you can buy alcohol on Sundays where you live). The bad news is that only 200 bottle of this limited release came to the U.S. Given how much better this is for the same price and that it is a limited release it only underscores my assertion that the standard 18 Year is overpriced. I still have a hard time telling you buy this because it is a bit expensive. If it was $100 a bottle I’d tell you to buy the hell out of it. Regardless of price, this is a great whisky and if you have the opportunity definitely try it.
Rating: Must Try

What Matt Says:

Matt has not had a chance to review this whisky yet.

We would like to thank Laura with The Baddish Group for providing us with review samples.

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  1. Thank you sir! I’ve been a little underwhelmed with Dalmore since their relaunch but this is a truly world class dram.

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